The Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP) promotes economic development in Eastern Ontario, leading to a diversified and competitive regional economy with successful businesses and prosperous communities. It has been a catalyst in many communities by encouraging new projects and community plans, mobilizing community stakeholders and helping to form partnerships.

How can these funds be accessed?

The program provides resources to the 15 Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) in Eastern Ontario, who in turn solicit applications from eligible applicants within their geographic boundaries. Click here to see if you fall within the boundaries of our CFDC.

Through Government of Canada funding, Community Futures provides access to capital.

Small Business and Social Enterprise clients can apply for financial assistance from the CFDC for up to $150,000, if they have been unable to receive adequate assistance from their Bank, Trust Company or Credit Union. Clients are invited to review all available resources within our office. Please contact our office between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday if we can be of assistance.

NEW! Loans of up to $250,000 can now be made available under certain circumstances - contact out office to learn more.

Business Information, Advice & Resources

Community Futures is very involved in offering SME's (Small & Medium Sized Enterprises) and Social Enterprises information, advice and resources when starting, expanding or maintaining their business. This can involve assisting with the completion of a business plan, budgeting, marketing and in-depth accounting and processes.

In addition to one-on-one assistance, Community Futures offers seminars, frequently in partnership with other organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, the Small Business Centre and financial institutions, to provide information and training on such topics as e-business, marketing, board governance, leadership skills and customer service.

In creating our community economic development strategy, the questions are:

  1. What offers the best opportunities for our community and our people?
  2. How can we make those opportunities better?

Keeping these two questions in mind, CFDC has addressed the principles that:

    • Small Business will continue to be the main creator of employment opportunities

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